Halfdan Hallseth

Halfdan Hallseth is a Norwegian photographer, filmmaker and actor. He has Danish and Icelandic inheritance as well as Norwegian.


Today, Hallseth works in the creative space between film and photography. He runs Fjord Productions on a daily basis, which provides film and photography services to the corporate market, the film industry and the TV industry.


Hallseth finds his inspiration from the force of nature.




Hallseth about the Chernobyl project


We feel that our cities, our culture and infrastructure are monuments that will live on forever.

We are wrong. Nature takes it all back. 


The Chernobyl project showed me how quickly nature would take back something that one might think was defined to humanity. Suddenly I saw that our materialism was not perpetually.


When our man-made catastrophe occurred, everything was abandoned.
Thousands were unknowingly hit by radiation. Now this vast area is uninhabitable for many many thousands of years.


Streets and avenues are now already dense forests. Tall forest. Concrete is transformed into dust by the rain. And the wind. Iron is washed to rust. And between what was once a modern city, wildlife now lives completely undisturbed.


Man's arrogance towards nature is obviously frightening. Enormous forces live in Nature. We must learn humility.

"In a hundred years all will be forgotten" – Knut Hamsun