Morten Andersen, Country.Rock

17 November - 20 December 2017

Opening Reception Friday 17 November, 18:00 - 20:00

Morten Andersen (b 1965 Oslo) is one of Norway´s leading figures in photography. Through his 21 photobooks and numerous exhibitions he has invited us into his shadowland. He is a sharp witness of his own surroundings and expresses them by creating his own stories of everyday existence, strange worlds, silent nature and unusual characters. His work occupies a unique space between the objective and the subjective, the illusory and the real. By turning his lens towards real places and real people he also brings in cultural, historical and political issues. 


- "Country.Rock is the result of several trips to northern Norway over a period of 3-4 years. Andersen is exploring the challenging nature and the vast unspoilt countryside as a contrast to the region's small and remote communities.

Cold, snowy terrain appears as untouched by human activity. Single figures stir into the vast, foggy distance in compositions reminiscent of the 19th century romantic painting. Pictures of wreckages create links between contemporary scenes and the underlying science fiction inspired narrative.

Andersen uses a genre-wide approach to documentary photography where the images are contextualized through a post-apocalyptic, science fiction-inspired narrative. In Andersen's imagined future, an unspecified catastrophe has made Europe's urban population centers uninhabitable. The survivors - mostly young people - have migrated northwards, in an effort to create new communities and ways of living. The northern regions are thought of as a haven from today's social and political mistakes; blank sheets for a radical and post-capitalist future."
Text by Nicholas Norton

Country.Rock is Morten Andersens second solo show at Shoot Gallery.  


Morten Andersen was born in Akershus, Norway 1965. Started making fanzines and taking pictures of friends in punk rock bands at the age of 15. Continued shooting for bands and the Norwegian press during the 1980s, also worked in the darkroom at a daily newspaper in Oslo. Moved to New York and studied at International Center of Photography in 1990, where his teachers included photographers like Joan Liftin, Nan Goldin, Ken Schles and Larry Clark. Had an internship with Magnum photographer Gilles Peress.

Had his first solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet in Oslo in 1992, since then has had solo and group shows in New Zealand, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Italy, Austria, Holland, England, Sweden, USA, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland. Has published 21 books of his own work: Fast City (1999), Days of Night (2003), Oslo F. (2005), Leira (2006), White Nights (2006), Fast/Days (2007), ASS TIME GOES BY (2008), Blå Skog/Blue Forest (2009), Jetlag and Alcohol (2009), Color F (2010), M in M (2011) and Black and Blue (2011).

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.


SOLO SHOWS (selected)

Shoot gallery, Oslo, 2017 (november)

In)(between gallery, Paris, 2016

Fotohof, Salzburg, Austria, 2016

Shoot Gallery, Oslo 2015

Galleri MAP, Oslo, 2014

Centrum For Fotografi, Stockholm, Sweden 2014

Gallery Monthly, Nesodden, 2014

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Podium, Oslo 2011

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Centro Portugues de Fotografia, Porto, Portugal 2007/2008

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St Paul st. gallery, Auckland, New Zealand 2006

Akershus Kunstnersenter, Lillestrøm, 2006

Galleri Arena, Oslo 2005

Buro Empty, Amsterdam, Nederland 2005

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Hot Rod, Oslo 1999

Mira, Stockholm, Sverige 1998

Galerie La Bas, Marseille, Frankrike 1996

Galleri Røiri, Bergen 1993

Fotogalleriet, Oslo 1992


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Bokkunst, Bomullsfabrikken, Arendal, 2016

Record vol. 20, In)(between, Paris 2016

Fotoleggendo, Roma, Italy, 2013

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