Lene Marie Fossen, The Gatekeeper

17 January - 1 February 2020

"The Gatekeeper" exhibition is produced by Willas Contemporary, curated by Ilgin Deniz Akselogu and hosted by Shoot Gallery. Willas Contemporary represents the artist (https://www.willas.com). The Gatekeeper premiers on January 17th at Shoot Gallery in Oslo.
The Gatekeeper is a sales exhibition. Please contact us at gallery@shootgallery.no for list of works. 


Norwegian Lene Marie Fossen wanted to stop time when she was 10.


She rejected the linear progression of time that forced her to go through puberty and stopped eating in order not to grow up. She chose to be open about her disease and found her means of expression in photography. Her self-portraits bear witness to an inner conflict; both cruel and beautiful.


Lene Marie Fossen was only thirty-three years old when she passed away on October 22, 2019. Lene Maries biggest wish was that her work was shared with as many as possible.


''The Gatekeeper'' pays tribute to Fossen as an artist and at the same time reveals the difficult path she chose, to give voice to the seriousness of this fatal condition. Today, anorexia is the most deadly psychiatric disease.


"The Gatekeeper" book, published by Kehrer Verlag is designed by Joao Linneu and contains essays by Margreth Olin, Kelsey Osgood and Arno Rafael Minkkinen.


The exhibition is supported by
Bergesen Stiftelsen.
C.Ludens Ringnes Stiftelse
Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH)<



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© Lene Marie Fossen, courtesy Willas Contemporary