Massimo Leardini: Elv

2 December 2021 - 15 January 2022

Massimo Leardini


Solo Exhibition & Book Launch


 Please note: Exhibition extended until 15 January



Artist talk Saturday 4 December 14:00
Massimo Leardini & Nicholas MeLean
Nicholas MeLean from Editions du LIC, publisher of ELV


“We step and do not step into the same rivers; we are and are not. R. P. 33 a.”

Fragment 49a, 

Heraclitus of Ephesus


Massimo Leardini have used Nordmarka in Oslo as a source of inspiration and

research in his work for many years. In “Elv”, he uses the river and its banks

as the setting for his latest work. The images combine fragments of bodies and

landscapes of a bucolic nature. But the bucolic does not appear here as a landscape

tradition but as a diffuse context.


The map that Leardini unfolds is not built, but behaves like a puzzle in the imagination

of the viewer, who mentally puts his pieces together and draws the lines

of the banks of this river and its surroundings.

The photographs were taken between 2014 and 2019, always during the summer

period, when the Scandinavian light prolongs the shadows due to the obliqueness

with which the sun reaches this part of the world in an almost tangent way.

This causes the light to draw the silhouettes of your subjects on the background

with a high but delicate contrast.


Massimo works with a fixed lens and without a tripod, the closeness or distance

of his images are the result of the movement of his own body. It crosses the landscape and creates different approaches to what it frames, weaving a relationship

with the surrounding environment.


The surprise of the forms –both the skin and the bark– arises from the fascination

of looking strangely. This modus operandi has crossed the history of photography

thanks to pioneering works such as that of Edward Weston, his gaze

has permeated subsequent generations displacing the importance of the subject

/ object and focusing on how to approach what is photographed. How we always

look above what we look at.


To the question of how a naked body looks, Leardini gives an answer using delicacy.

A delicacy that looks through the sculptural tradition of his native Italy and

from which we recognize the elegance of his return.



Book published by Stanley/Barker Books – Nov. 2020